Papageorgiou General Hospital

Papageorgiou Hospital is a project co-funded by the Papageorgiou Foundation, the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and the European Union.

The responsibility for the design , preparation of studies construction of buildings and supply of medical equipment had the Papageorgiou institution under contract signed with the Greek State.

It’s construction began in 1993, lasted 4 years and was completed in 1997. The construction of the hospital was meant to cover the lack of hospital infrastructure thoughout the western part of the city, whose residents had to travel a long distance. Apart from the wide range of services and capabilities, the Papageorgiou Hospital is known for its ultramodern facilities : complete automation, system of remote medical consultation, television circuit in surgeries associated with meeting rooms and auditorium for medical congresses, medical imaging equipment (CT, stefanografima, angiography, etc.). The spaces are also designed so as to restrict the movements.Today Papageorgiou Foundation participates in the synthesis of seven-member Board of the Hospital with three members and continues to support and provide therein any financial backing and assistance.