“ANNA PAPAGEORGIOU“ scholarships at Anatolia College

Since 2008, the Board of the Foundation Papageorgiou has been granting the "ANNA PAPAGEORGIOU" scholarships at ANATOLIA College. These scholarships cover the tuition of children from the first forms of lower secondary school through their graduation from the College. They are addressed to students who are permanent residents of Thessaloniki and to the children of workers at ‘PAPAGEORGIOU General Hospital’.

Since 2020, the institution was expanded to include the sponsorship of one full scholarship at the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT), with accommodation at a dormitory, for one upper secondary school graduate who is a permanent resident of Siatista. If there is no candidate from Siatista, then two full scholarships to study at ACT are granted to upper secondary school graduates who are permanent residents of Thessaloniki.